The GSA schedule program provides a cost effective solution for federal procurements by allowing the government to fulfill their requirement and assisting the vendor with long term continual purchases.  As a vendor if you want to get on the road to business growth with a GSA schedule you need to understand the uses, advantages, and how the program can work for your business. 

Over eighty percent of GSA contractors are small businesses, most of whom have no idea of how the program works.  In order to grow your business with a GSA schedule in the federal marketplace you have to know the business.

This e-book is a simple guide that any vendor can understand about GSA contracts.  After reading this e-book you will be able to:

  • Understand the program and its processes.
  • Make a clear determination if the program is a good fit for you.
  • How to find what agencies buy what you sell.
  • The uses and advantages of GSA Advantage, GSA E-Buy, & GSA E-Library.
  • How to perform basic market research.
  • How GSA finds your business for RFP's, RFQ's, and sources soughts.
  • How to qualify for a GSA contract.
  • What is the GSA contract life cycle.
  • And Many More Useful Tips!

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Road To Business Growth In The GSA Program

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