Did you know that the government sets goals each year where a percentage of government contracts are set aside for a specific business type?  Well it's true.  Currently the percentages for each group are:

  • Small Business- 23% of government contracts
  • Small Disadvantaged Business-  5% of government contracts
  • Woman Owned Business- 5% of government contracts
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned- 3% of government contracts
  • Hubzone Business- 3% of government contracts

 Do you want to know how to become a government contractor and claim your percentage? 

I work with companies that face challenges with government contracts and who want to grow their business in the federal market, but in order to do that you have to have a clear mind, strategic plan, and step up to the plate.  How many times have you decided to get into government contracts and suddenly turned away from it because you got your first "NO"?.  In a previous post I talked about the $133 billion dollars of products and services that the government bought from companies wanting to do business with them.  The reason why those companies got the contract with the government is because they stepped up to the plate, and I am almost positive they received quite a few "NO's" before they got a "YES". 

What I've learned is you have to go through the storm to reach success no matter what business you're in.  Sometimes as you go through the storm you have to put in some work.  If you are ready to put in the work then I'm ready to guide you. The "7 Steps To Become A Government Contractor" is what will help get you there.

These are critical steps to become a successful government contractor what you receive:

  • Mp3 download
  • Workbook
  • Contractor Resources
  • Language Template

Immediately downloaded to your inbox.

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7 Steps To Become A Government Contractor

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